2017-01-30 12:01:42 by ToxicGeek

No. I'm not dead.


Hi there, it's been a long time since I shared a few words here. I know I wasn't that active recently but I think it's time to share some updates.

Firstly, I've been feeling bad since like, early 2016. School wasn't going well and it stressed me out. Then anxiety came in, then the anxiety crysises arrived this month. Now there's might be chance that my studies end sooner than planned but I'm not sure if I'll make 'cause I'm in an apprenticeship and you also have to stop your job contract. Woo, hapiness... But hey, at least I'll take a break and take some time to think about my future. All I can say is that I'll leave the IT category once and for all.


Also, here's a few things I wanted to tell you:

- Recently I've been quite active on Soundcloud, especially for making memes and mashups. So much active that I've managed to join a couple of collab albums. I've been uploading a lot on a secondary account but I plan to make a break from time to time and go back on other projects.

- Speaking of other project, I've uploaded here a few teasers on a big one. Can't tell much because it's still in its early stages of devellopement, but I think you'll appreciate this game (yes, a game!). It's planned to release on Steam but there's going to be an early build/demo to be released, and only on NG. I might reveal more this summer. There's going to be teasers every 2 weeks on thursday so stay tuned!

- I might go back doing music contests on NG for this year. If there's one you think I could join, just tell me and I'll see if I can produce something.


Have a nice day!


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