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Posted by ToxicGeek - June 22nd, 2017

Hey guys!!!


I've opened the submissions for Medley Mix, a mashup collab album about using different instrumentals in a similar manner to medleys. More info right here!


Your Waifu Is A Mashup is coming next week (if I can finish the cover in time). It contains almost 40 mashups centered about anime series and some other franchises that otakus are familiar with. I'll post another news post with a download link when it's available so stay tuned!


Yup, serious schtuff. I'm gonna upload some tracks related to a game project I'm still working on in my spare time. They'll be exclusive to Newgrounds for 1 week, then I'll post them on Soundcloud too.

Now time to go to bed! See ya!!

Posted by ToxicGeek - January 30th, 2017

No. I'm not dead.


Hi there, it's been a long time since I shared a few words here. I know I wasn't that active recently but I think it's time to share some updates.

Firstly, I've been feeling bad since like, early 2016. School wasn't going well and it stressed me out. Then anxiety came in, then the anxiety crysises arrived this month. Now there's might be chance that my studies end sooner than planned but I'm not sure if I'll make 'cause I'm in an apprenticeship and you also have to stop your job contract. Woo, hapiness... But hey, at least I'll take a break and take some time to think about my future. All I can say is that I'll leave the IT category once and for all.


Also, here's a few things I wanted to tell you:

- Recently I've been quite active on Soundcloud, especially for making memes and mashups. So much active that I've managed to join a couple of collab albums. I've been uploading a lot on a secondary account but I plan to make a break from time to time and go back on other projects.

- Speaking of other project, I've uploaded here a few teasers on a big one. Can't tell much because it's still in its early stages of devellopement, but I think you'll appreciate this game (yes, a game!). It's planned to release on Steam but there's going to be an early build/demo to be released, and only on NG. I might reveal more this summer. There's going to be teasers every 2 weeks on thursday so stay tuned!

- I might go back doing music contests on NG for this year. If there's one you think I could join, just tell me and I'll see if I can produce something.


Have a nice day!

Posted by ToxicGeek - August 11th, 2015

Hello everyone! Been a while huh?

First of all, DAMAGED has been released! It's a action video made in stop-motion with LEGO figures, definitely worth it. I did the soundtrack on this one with Usual Conflict, Strugglin' and Cycle. Don't hesitate to support Katsuhono's channel too!

I have some other tracks that I want to upload now but I can't now. Some of you may have seen that new user agreement section. Well, there's a problem with that for me: Magix Music Maker MX Premium is my only music creation software. I used it since the very beginning and it's only since last week-end that I heard about this license-thingy. I'm serious here, I've never been informed of that and it's really freaking me out! I love NG so much but I don't want to be against the rules. So, unless a miracle happen, no new tracks for now. But I've found an alternative for it: Soundcloud. Simply click here to follow my music activity or even my Tumblr if you're into that (of course there's a ton of reblogs in it).

Of course, NG is still my site for uploading created content. So you'll always expect to see art from me (like my new avatar). Maybe music again if I manage myself to get the money for buying a new music software (and a new computer, could be quite helpful too).

I hope you'll accept that situation that I'm living. Thank you all!

Posted by ToxicGeek - June 2nd, 2015

... for making music for a short-animated movie coming soon!

That's right! To be more precise, a guy named Katsuhono asked for some help for the soundtrack and I replied him to offer my help. It's called DAMAGED - Tales of the Mixelworld and it's really well animated! I'll be uploading the tracks here once the short is released so stay tuned! Maybe one day you'll see him on Newgrounds... WHO KNOWS?!

I'm also attempting the Newgrounds Inspired Music Challenge and my first submission is Squiggleland! Already got some reviews saying what I should work on to polish it with my fairly limited skills and I can say that it's in progress. The bass is almost done, maybe some Hi-Hat fixing later-I-dunno... GO GIVE 5!!1!1!!1!

Voila. In case you're bored and you want to admire pics and/or reblogs, why don't ya go on my Flickr and/or my Tumblr? Links are on your left.


Posted by ToxicGeek - January 31st, 2015


What's that blue ball here ?

Something is coming (and that's not winter, we're already in, duh)...

It's a huge project that I have in mind 5 years ago, but I didn't have the skills for drawing and many other problems, and I still have them. I prefer the drawing solution since the Universe is already pretty complex and very original so it's for sure a very hard task to me to describe it by writing. I think I'm gonna ask for help here (because there's a lot of talentful persons on NG ;D) but not now. 

I also made some others teasers but I didn't post them here because I don't want to post teasers everytime for nothing, and because NG is mostly made for finalized creations (even if it accepts WIPs, I still prefer to upload final versions).

The other teasers :


The same ball but with heads and glowy eyes in it. What does that mean ?


Who the heck is this guy ?! And why he is made of cubes ?


Feel free to ask questions if you want to ! I'll manage to answer them as quickly as I can =).


PS : Nope, no 3D will be used because my computer is not powerful enough to manage properly multiples polygons at the same time. Maybe Pixel Art...

Posted by ToxicGeek - April 16th, 2012

...Yep, maybe it's the best french translation of "Hello, Newgrounds" =P.

Hello there, I'm Toxic Geek, new member of the Newgrounds community. I have created an account here cause I followed the Website since 2011. So now, I can gives reviews and posts my stuff, mainly music and a little art. BUT I DON'T MAKE ONLY THIS ! I create characters with (watch out) my LEGO sets (I told ya) and big stuff on Minecraft (REALLY big).


So, I have posted a video today of a LEGO creation (but I will say MOC now, 'kay ?). GO CHECK IT !

The music in on Newgrounds too. Click here ! It's actually a WIP so respect.


Well, I think I'm done. I hope to spend a good stay on Newgrounds. Au revoir !

Toxic Geek

Bonjour, Nouvelles Terres !